Turning World


Turning World


Track Listing:

[1] Turning World - East Anglia [2] Tara’s Harp - Ireland [3] Hymn to the Sun - Crete [4] Irinna’s Song - Greek Islands [5] Travel Sonata - Iceland, Scotland, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal [6] The White Swan - Russia [7] Mountain Sketches - Skye, Wester Ross, & Sutherland, Scotland [8] Athena’s Flute - Greece [9] Black Swans - Australia [10] Over the Water -The Hebrides [11] Agnus Dei - Russia

Performed by Lesley-Jane Rogers (Soprano), Hilary Thomas (Soprano), Richard Leigh Harris (Piano), Helen Reid (Piano), Keith Swallow (Piano), John Turner (Recorder), Timothy Kipling (Flute), Danielle Perret (Harp), Ross Winters (Alto Recorder), Fenella Humphreys (Violin), Raymond Burley (Guitar) and the Manchester Camerata Ensemble.

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Turning World is a CD recording, a selection of Elis Pehkonen’s Tonal Music released 2006 to celebrate 40 years as a professional composer. Each piece is inspired by a different area in the world.


Turning World takes in Song & Sonata from the quiet rapture and longing of the title track via the vibrant Tara’s Harp, the beautifully controlled Hymn to the Sun, through to the Travel Sonata for violin and piano dashing us about from Scots-Irishry to Francophile scherzo brevity, thence via a lyric long-song to an exciting finale. Pehkonen has a poet’s ear for the stress and fall of his texts and his songs are invariably worth hearing. His music is tonal, lyric, melancholic, bardic and much more besides. - MusicWeb International