To Poetry


To Poetry


Track Listing:

Sarabande and Gigue in Old Style: [1] Sarabande [2] Gigue
To Poetry: [1] Invocation [2] Sonnet [3] Tears [4] Timor mortis [5] Epilogue 
Four French Folk Songs: [1] Awake [2] I came down [3] The nightingale [4] Margaret, she is ill
Four Greek Folk Songs: [1] O, my love, how long [2] Have pity on me [3] Each time, my love, you say farewell [4] O your eyes are dark and beautiful
Sonata de Camera for Violin and Cello: [1] Molto sostenuto [2] Allegro misterioso
Concert Piece for Vioilin and Piano
Introduction and Allegro for Cello and Accordion: [1] Black Earth [2] It's raining, raining... [3] My darling has hurt me greatly... [4] Girls are out to... [5] Thousands of cheeries do grow upon the tree

Performed by Lesley-Jane Rogers (soprano), Andrea Melath (mezzo-soprano), David Fruhwirth (violin), Peter Szabo (cello), Laszlo Ernyei (accordion) and Zsuzsa Kollar (piano).

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This substantial cycle was written for the tenor Peter Pears, and first performed by him in 1953 at the Royal Festival Hall, London, with the distinguished pianist Noel Mewton-Wood. It follws the example of Britten's Serenade in setting a variety of poets, and the set is framed by settings of the same words by Goethe in translation by Louis MacNeice, the unifying factor being presumably the quality of the poetry. The angry setting of Timor Mortis, using the well-known Dies Irae tune is the emotional hear of the cycle.