Pandora's Last Gift


Pandora's Last Gift


Track Listing:

[1] Wind Quintet [2] Spring's Garden [3] Orfordness [4] Capriccio [5] Spirit of the Dance [6] The Long Wait [7] In Celebration [8] Helter Skelter [9] Concertino

Performed by Lesley-Jane Rogers (soprano), Nichola Hunter (flute), Lisa Osborne (oboe), John Turner (recorder), Elizabeth Jordon (clarinet), Naomi Atherton (horn), Sarah Nixton (bassoon), Richard Howarth, NIcholas Ward & Catherine Muncey (violins), Richard Williamson (viola), Tim Smedley (cello), Harvey Davies (harpsichord) and Jonathan Fisher (piano).


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The Chronicle (Jeremy Condliffe)

“The sound is firmly English pastoral in sound ([the composer] lives in Suffolk and you can hear the county's influence), while sounding modern, i.e. it's modem music written with an eye on people who like the traditional. While it's fundamentally accessible, there's a lot of variation in tone and delivery” 

MusicWeb (John France)

“Lesley-Jane Rogers’ beautiful voice…”

"The CD is an excellent production that combines a judicious selection of chamber works with excellent performances by all the players. The sound quality is ideal and gives the best possible opportunity for listeners to approach these unfamiliar works. The liner-notes are detailed and useful as well as being legible. Christopher Wright's musical style can easily be categorised as ‘largely tonal with atonal flavourings'. It is never insipid, always displays interest and clear evidence of controlled development. It is approachable, even if occasionally a little challenging. I have found nothing that is not written with consummate skill and not inconsiderable inspiration.” 

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