Of Times and Seasons


Of Times and Seasons


Track Listing:

[1] Cathedral at Night (piano solo) [2] Hurrahing in Harvest [3] Spring [4] Pied Beauty [5] Thee, God, I come from [6] As kingfishers catch fire [7] The Windhover [8] Noel Nouvelet [9] Behold the herald's voice is calling [10] Crown him Lord of Lords [11] God's word is our great heritage [12] Baptised into your name most holy [13] Saviour, when in dust to you [14] Come before the Saviour's table [15] Rejoice, rejoice this happy morn [16] Let the season lift your spirit [17] The Clod and the Pebble [18] Winter Prelude [19] Afterwards [20] Like the touch of rain [21] Garlic and Sapphires [22] Baby Sleeping

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LJR Reviews:

“Lesley-Jane Rogers gives an outstanding account of these songs.”  (MusicWeb) (Click here for full review)

“Lesley-Jane Rogers has a lovely pure voice … really lovely in the quieter and more gentle passages.”  (The Classical Reviewer) (Click here for full review)

Album Reviews:

"Peter Lea-Cox is an accomplished composer, much connected with the English choral tradition, and this new record of no fewer than 23 solo settings demonstrates his gifts and artistry in excellent fashion. Of the wide-ranging songs here, my personal favourite is his setting of Yeats’s ‘Sailing to Byzantium’, with its sly quotation from the Londonderry Air, but each one of these carefully crafted songs has its own individual charm and character. The composer is fortunate indeed to have had Lesley-Jane Rogers and Jennie-Helen Moston to perform these works, for their performances are admirable and do much to ensure this deeply attractive body of music is brought to wider attention – which it clearly deserves. The recording quality is also very good, the singer being well balanced with the piano." - Robert Matthew-Walker (Musical Opinion)

"This is a very attractive collection of songs and anthems that deserve to be included in the repertoire. As usual from Divine Art, the booklet is beautifully produced with notes by Lesley-Jane Rogers and Peter Lea-Cox together with full texts. The recording is excellent. Lesley-Jane Rogers' … singing is often really lovely in the quieter and more gentle passages. I do urge all those interested in English song and church anthems to hear this disc.” – TheClassicalReviewer (Click here for full review)

“Will appeal to listeners who enjoy the vocal music of composers such as Gerald Finzi and John Ireland, the emphasis being on a sensitive fusion of words and music. I enjoyed the ‘Collected Songs' best of all. Lesley-Jane Rogers gives an outstanding account of these songs. The accompanist Jennie-Helen Moston makes a valuable and sympathetic contribution. The sound quality is ideal. Explore slowly and enjoy the diversity on offer here.” – John France (MusicWeb) (Click here for full review)