Sonnets, Airs & Dances


Sonnets, Airs & Dances


Sonnets, Airs and Dances (1-6)

[1]  Oh, my blacke Soule! [2] Forlana [3] Come away, come, sweet Love! [4] Now is my Chloris fresh as May [5] Sarabande [6] O soft embalmer of the still midnight

Five Spring Songs (7-11)

[7] The Happy Cuckoo [8] Song of the blackbird [9] ‘English Idyll’ – A green cornfield [10] Waters above [11] When as the rye

Two Motets (12-13)

[12] Ave verum corpus* [13] Ave Maria

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Partita for Recorder and Cello (14-18)

[14] I.  Aubade [15] II.  Chacony [16] III.  Capriccio [17] IV.  Nocturne [18] V.  Moto perpetuo

Aria, Recitative and Rondo (19-21)

[19] I.  Quan lo rossinhols escria [20] II.  Riddle [21] III.  Amo, amas

A Lonsdale Dance

[22] A Lonsdale Dance 

Concertino for Recorder and String Quartet (23-24)

[23] I.  Adagio non troppo [24] IIAllegro con brio

Performed by Lesley-Jane Rogers, (soprano); James Bowman, (countertenor); John Turner (recorder);  Heather Bills (cello); Harvey Davies (harpsichord); Jonathan Price (cello); and the Manchester Camerata Ensemble.

Total CD Duration: 71:21

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LJR Reviews:

“....the stunning voice of Lesley-Jane Rogers” (MusicWeb) 

“There is a simplicity here that is both moving and inspirational.  They are beautifully sung by Lesley-Jane Rogers.” (MusicWeb)

“Special commendation goes to Lesley-Jane Rogers’ delightful soprano voice.” (MusicWeb)

Album Reviews:

" I began my exploration of this new disc of music by Philip Wood with the short ‘Lonsdale Dance’ written for unaccompanied descant recorder. The work carries a subtitle ‘Champêtre’ which implies that a pastoral mood was intended. The ‘Lonsdale’ in question is located in Westmorland and was once described by John Ruskin as having ‘moorland hill, and sweet river and English forest foliage … at their best.’ The Dance, which is conceived in two contrasting sections was written to explore the resources of the recorder and display John Turner’s virtuosity: it succeeds on both counts. Lonsdale Dance’ is dedicated to Lady Caroline, the then Dowager Countess of Lonsdale." (Music Web)  (Click here for full review)