Choral Works


Choral Works


Track Listing:

Missa Brevis: [1] Kyrie [2] Gloria [3] Sanctus [4] Benedictus [5] Agnus Dei
The Doctrine of Similarity: [1] Amphibolies I [2] Dust to Dusk [3] Cannot Cross [4] Moteltus absconditus [5] Ampibolies II [6] But Even Fire is Light [7] Sometimes [8] Anagrammatica [9]  Dew and Die [10] Schein [11] Dusts to Dusks [12] Amphibolies III [13] Salute
Two Marian Motets: [1] Ave mater gloriosa salvatoris [2] Alma redemptoris Mater [3] Stelae for Failed Time: Parts 1-5

Performed by the BBC Singers (including Lesley-Jane Rogers) and Lontano. Conducted By Odaline De La Martinez. 


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Widely regarded as one of the foremost composers of the modern age,Brian Ferneyhough has won the 2007 Ernst von Siemens Prize for Music. This prestigious award is made to a composer, performer, or scholar who has made outstanding contributions to the world of music. In this choral material as with all of his music, Ferneyhough pushes back boundaries of style, compositional and performing techniques. A co-production with BBC Radio 3.


“Brian Ferneyhough’s music… inhabits a rich and roomy imaginative world, including the astonishing Missa Brevis. This performance generates an intense expressive heat, shot through with passages of icy calm.” - Ivan Hewett (BBC Music Magazine) (Click here for full review)

“This is a rather special addition to Ferneyhough’s discography. The interpretative standard of these performances is uniformly high, as is the quality and presence of the sound recording; but in “Stelae” the results are exceptional” - Fabrice Fitch (Gramophone)  (Click here for full review)

“This disc offers an overview of unexpected inclusiveness. All the performances are as authoritative as one would expect. Presentation is up to Metiers high standards.” – Richard Whitehouse (International Record Review) (Click here for full review) 

“fascinating music…a must for anyone enjoying the contemporary scene" – Nottingham Evening Post (Click here for full review)

“All authentic pieces for choir, though they all need a hugely proficient one like the BBC Singers. The mass is particularly welcome, for it's one of the most important of Ferneyhough's early works… Powerfully wrought and fiercely concentrated, it shows how far stylistically Ferneyhough had developed and set the agenda for the extraordinary series of pieces that followed in the next decade.”- Andrew Clements (The Guardian) (Click here for full review) 

“An impressive disc” – Paul Driver (Sunday Times) (Click here for full review) 

"Shows a characteristic virtuosity of texture and timbre. [Missa Brevis] is a fascinating piece to listen to. Caring performances." - Peter Palmer (Tempo) (Click here for full review)